Ride New Forest

Bring your best friend – your own horse or pony to the New Forest and discover the amazing trails and tracks with the help of your own knowledgable guide.

5 reasons to hire a horse riding guide when you hack in the New Forest!

  1. Our riding guides are very experienced horse riders and have an extensive knowledge of the routes through the the new forest. We take you literally ” off the beaten path” into the heart of the New Forest.
  2. There are lots of hard tracks through the New Forest which are shared with walkers, dog walkers and cyclists. The routes are easy to follow and as a result, become very crowded especially in the summer. Our guides will take you away from the busy areas , off the busy tracks into the real New Forest.
  3. We are ecologically friendly. We do not follow the same route each time, so none of the forest is damaged in any way by our visit.
  4. The New Forest is comprised of heathland, woodland and wetland. As a result, there are many bogs and soggy areas, even in the summer. Our guides know where to go, how to skirt around the bogs and negotiate the Forest Enclosures.
  5. Ever had that lost feeling after riding for a couple of hours, you are tired and in need of a drink and a bite to eat but you can’t make head or tail of that map? Replace that with the sight of a welcoming pub just around the corner…….


Day Rides

If you are bringing your horse just for the day to the New Forest, our guides are here to show the beautiful New Forest.

You can come for the day with your horse and go for a two / three hour guided ride with a stop for lunch at a New Forest pub.

We regularly take groups of friends for a day ride, often riding clubs, friends and riding stables all club together to share trailers and travel down for the day.  We can meet you at a pre arranged car park in the New Forest and go from there. Prices start from £20 per person with a minimum of £60 per day.


Already booked somewhere to stay in the New Forest?

If you have booked a holiday in the New Forest, either a hotel, self catering or  or B&B with livery for your horse, we can meet you wherever you are staying and guide you and your horse through the New Forest. Prices start from £20 per person with a minimum of £60 per day.



Short Stay Holidays

We can recommend several places to stay, all of whom accept horses overnight.  All our recommendations have direct access to the New Forest without having to ride along a road to get to the Forest.  Accommodation ranges from self catering , B&B, hotels or overnight livery for your horse at a local yard with accommodation a short walk or car drive away.

Accommodation rates are competitive.  Livery prices start from £25 per horse, per night for your own stable and private turnout.





Posted by Anne Slade on Saturday, 2 May 2015


Riding in the New Forest is an amazing experience if you know where to go.  Much of the area around Forestry car parks are highly managed to ensure that the New Forest flora and fauna is protected as much as possible from visitor density.  With a knowledgable guide, we enable you to visit the heart of the forest on your horse without leaving any visible trace and is as ecologically friendly as possible.

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